Minjun Choi

Graphic designer & illustrator in SF.



Sulwhasoo 2021 CNY
Packaging   |   2020

Developed the geometric heart motif that became integrated into main key visuals and package identity for Sulwhasoo’s 2021 Chinese New Year special edition release.

Done at Double-D.
Lotte Desserttoi
Packaging   |   2020

Designed Lotte Confectionery’s newest tart snack, Desserttoi. Available in three flavors (Cheesecake, Chocolate, and Lemon), and sold in various convenience stores and supermarkets in Korea.

Done at Double-D.
Anne’s Friends
Identity, Web Media   |   2019 —

Anne’s Friends is a grassroots feminist group based in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Since 2019, I have worked as a freelance graphic designer to create a more cohesive and youthful atmosphere for their event posters and social media content.