Green Animals Topiary Garden
Branding, 3D    |    2021

Oldest and most northern topiary garden in the United States, Green Animals showcases a collection of formal topiaries, vegetable and herb gardens, orchards, and a Victorian house overlooking Narragansett Bay. 
Little Italy
Poster    |    2020

Poster designs for Little Italy of Providence, rich with culture and festivity and celebrated for its history of authentic restaurants founded by Italian immigrants from the early 1900s. 
Places We’ve Been and Will Never Return
Exhibition   |   2020

4-page stand-alone editorial exhibited in an experimental online space as a part of the 14th exhibition <Contactless> hosted by the Korean Society of Typography and published in the 254th issue of CA Magazine.
My Hair Journey
Frame Animation   |   2018

Anne’s Friends
Poster, Web Media   |   2019

Anne’s Friends is a grassroots feminist group based in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Since 2019, I have worked as a freelance graphic designer to create a more cohesive and youthful atmosphere for their event posters and social media content.